Monday, January 30, 2017

Star Wars Force Awakens Fun Facts- Behind the scenes

~Here is a look at some of the Behind The Scenes trivia on Star Wars: The Force Awakens~
Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a film that has been a long time coming. The Episode VIII of the famous Star Wars series became the highest earning movie of all time and applauded for its visionary storyline and its tribute to the past six film of the saga as well. Making a Star Wars film is no easy task- From the creatures to the stunts to the costumes, the JJ Abrams directed film clearly was a result of hundreds of hours in production that brought it to light. As Star Wars: The Force Awakens premieres on Star Movies on 5th February at 1pm and 9pm for the first time, here is a look at some interesting facts about the movie.
The character Finn, played by John Boyega, wears a leather jacket through much of the film. The costume department made 10 copies of the jacket, which had to be aged and distressed as Finn went on his adventurous journey. Red patches of acrylic paint were painted on the jacket and then wiped back so they became ingrained in the leather to give it more depth and character. Then the jacket was sent through several washes and oils were added and wiped off. A solution of permanent “dust” was applied to top it off.
For the Stormtroopers, the filmmakers made 80 stormtrooper, 20 snowtrooper and five flame trooper costumes.
At its peak, the costume department boasted a team of 110 people, all working tirelessly on the creation of everything from the stormtrooper costumes, to the First Order officers, through to the villagers and up to 700 extras.
The filmmakers used some of the 501st Legion for stormtroopers. The 501st Legion is a fan costuming organization that spans the entire United States and 59 other countries. The 501st can often be found at promotional events for almost anything related to Star Wars and frequently put their “fame” to use at numerous charity events throughout the year.
Recreating Chewbacca was a challenge since the creator of the remarkable creature, Stuart Freeborn, passed away just a few short months before production began and much of his knowledge died with him.  Creature effects supervisor Neal Scanlan and his team spent hours scouring the Lucasfilm archives and watching footage in order to faithfully recreate every stitch and every hair.
The lightsabers were specifically designed to actually light up in The Force Awakens and not rely on animation. The designers came up with two lightsabers: one is the hero saber and one a stunt saber.  Both are a practical light source. The stunt version has 3000 LEDs and the hero version has about 9000 LEDs
Shooting on location in the Abu Dhabi desert was a challenge. The logistics of physically getting the sets, props, costumes and the crew themselves out to Abu Dhabi was one of the biggest undertakings of the film.  Most of the sets were built in the U.K. and then spent eight weeks being shipped by freight out to Abu Dhabi, with the props and set dressing elements alone filling 17 40-foot
shipping containers. It took a further 12 weeks to erect the sets by the construction crew, comprised of workers from Mumbai and locals from Abu Dhabi. There were 14 specialists from the Star Wars art and construction department in the U.K. sent out to oversee the process.  

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