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Qyuki’s Jammin’ sensations Raaga Trippin’ and Siddharth Slathia are all set to jam at the Bollywood Music Project on 30th September at Reliance Garden, BKC, Mumbai. Digital superstars Raaga Trippin’ who are exclusively managed by Alive@Qyuki is a unique A Capella band that has become one of the most sought after names with its consistent fabulous performances and unique musical style.  Raaga Trippin’s distinctive instrument free music is not limited to any language or genre. They re-create music non-instrumentally, solely depending on the sounds and rhythm created by their voice.  Qyuki's digital superstar Siddharth Slathia has always engaged audiences through his musical talent and the latest Jammin' collaboration with Salim Sulaiman called Mast Maula which gained over a million views on YouTube in less than 24 hours . Fans can now look forward to see the two musical artists come alive on stage to entertain you with their breathtaking performances. The Bollywood Music Project is …


Industrialist & Philanthropist Dr. Aneel Murarka as the Patron of the organisation recently joined the Doctors for You DFY. Under the guidance of Industrialist & Philanthropist Dr. Aneel Murarka, Doctors for You (DFY) plans to scale a new height in the area of Health, Education & Livelihood development in India. As the first field visit of the, Doctors for You (DFY) Patron Industrialist & Philanthropist Dr. Aneel Murarka, (DFY) organized various events and inauguration programs at its Bihar Health & Community Development Program. Industrialist & Philanthropist Dr. Aneel Murarka inaugurated Computer Education Centre, After school support Learning Centre & CMAM program Malnutrition Corner followed by Certificate Distribution of the 3rd batch of Hygiene Technician Program at Hilsa & Visit to DFY Health Centre & proposed New Hospital site. Industrialist & Philanthropist Dr. Aneel Murarka says I am so happy to join hands with Doctors for you. The organ…

Experience Timeless Luxury And Connect With The Majestic History Of Agra At Radisson Blu Agra

A retreat in the heart of majestic history and tales of love, Radisson Blu Agra oozes a timeless elegance bound to mesmerize an avid traveler. Aptly located within walking distance to the walled city of Agra Fort, the luxury hotel lets their guests submerge themselves in the beauty of one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Taj Mahal and the vast history of Agra while exploring various magnificent attractions the city has to offer. This unrivalled state of the art property is surrounded with 4.5 acres of land, that boasts of a sparkling outdoor pool, the Health Club & Spa, a business center, and on-site palatial restaurants which bring the world's finest cuisines and traditional culinary offerings at Daawat-E-Nawab and rustic barbeque at the poolside, Colorbar. The luxury five-star hotel offers unmatched services and beautifully appointed 142 luxury rooms and suites each individually designed with unique character and charm. The rooms at the hotel are a work of art – a grand stat…

Sony Max Highlights and Listings 1st- 15th October, 2016


Weight and watch this Vidhi Kasliwal film

When Sachin Kundalkar came to producer Vidhi Kasliwal with a Vazandaar concept, she was game. Only thing is she wanted the story to be set in a younger age bracket. The director agreed, and seeds of Vazandaar, the Marathi film were sown. Today, as Vazandaar is set for aNov 11release, producer Vidhi Kasliwal is elated. “The idea was to keep the film as real as possible, with the actresses putting on and losing weight in real as well as reel life. I was worried that no top actresses would agree to it.  But Sachin was sure and rightly so!”  Both Sai Tamhankar  and Priya Bapat agreed instantly. “The only thing was that both the actresses loved the opposite roles. The actresses liked the other characters, and got cast in the role of their choice.” Vazandaar is a simple story on how we should love ourselves and look beyond our body image because self image is bigger than body image. “You have to look beautiful to yourself and accept yourself as you are. This film is bigger than just a film,” …

NEZ Global Icon Award for Bappi Lahiri

Four and half decades in the industry and yet rediscovering himself… fresh with every attempt... From Zeenat Aman to Parveen Babi to Vidya Balan… they all go Ooh la la overBappi Lahiri... And now, Kolkata once again lauded its musical genius son Bappi Lahiri by bestowing on the prestigious NEZ Global Icon Award at the NEZ International Film Festival. Bappi da received the award in the hands ofaward-winning filmmaker Sudeep Ranjan Sarkar, Producer Rita Jhawar and actress Rokeya Prachy from Bangladesh.  Enthused Bappi Lahiri, "I have won accolades from around the globe but to be here in my own city Kolkata and to be appreciated and honoured here is a different feeling altogether. I am overjoyed to have received the NEZ Global Icon Award today. I have been associated with filmmaker Sudeep Ranjan Sarkar for a while now and I am really looking forward to work with him in future." "Bappi da has composed over 5000 songs in over 600 films in Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Malayal…

Mira Nair’s Queen Of Katwe generates Oscar buzz with a special screening for Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Mira Nair’s ‘Queen of Katwe’ has already generated rave critical reviews at various premieres and festivals. And it looks like Queen Of Katwe is already en route for a presence at the next Oscars! The stars of the film Lupita Nyong'o and David Oyelowo presented the film at a special screening in New York hosted by the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences. “Queenof Katwe” is based on the vibrant true story of a young girl ‘Phiona Mutesi’ from the streets of Uganda whose world rapidly changes when she is introduced to the game of chess, and opens in India on 7thOctober,2016. Oscar-winner Lupita, who plays Phiona's fiercely protective and indefatigable mother, Harriet, said that while she was not yet a mother, she learned about the selflessness of motherhood. 'It's almost like your heart is dislocated and running around and just feeling the fear, inhabiting the fear of a mother letting her chicks out every day to survive,' she said.


The Starcast of the film 'Akhir Kab Tak' Vinay Singh, Manisha Singh and the director Mithilesh Avinash and producer Nishikant Jha promoted their upcoming film based on dowry system and social injustice. Actress Manisha Singh said "Dowry system has existed over the decades and still happen in this modern world. People should stand against such practices. These still exist because people are part of it." "I have asked my father not to give dowry when I will get married." she further added. "We haven't made the film to earn money but to teach a lesson to the people and eradicate these social evils that are eating up the world" said the director Mithilesh Avinash. The film will be releasing on 14th October.

Vivek Mishra of Big boss7 fame & Dada Saheb Phalke award recipient walked for ‘Bhubaneswar Style Week -2016’

Vivek Mishra of Big boss7 fame & Dada Saheb Phalke award recipient saysIt was super exciting to walk for the Bhubaneswar Style Week -2016. It was for the first time that Bhubaneswar has  hosted a style week. There is so much talent in the city which needs the much called attention.Calling the designers from the city talented would be an understatement. There isa bunch of designers who presented their creative prowess to showcase their ethereal and vibrant collection. Seeing designers coming up with innovative ideas in order to get fashion revolution was such a delight.With a motive to put Bhubaneswar on the global fashion map and to encourage budding fashion designers and models ‘Bhubaneswar Style Week -2016’ was organized for the first time in Bhubaneswar on September 25. The multi-designer fashion show organized by Dream Craft Entertainment and Event Managed by Shining Events. As many as 25 national and international models walked the ramp, showcasing the creative designs of fi…

श्री राजपूत और एकता जैन ने नवरात्री लिए घाघरा चोली में फोटो शूट कराया


कैटरीना कैफ शुरू करेंगी खुदका रिटेल वेंन्चर?

दुनिया के नामचिन ब्रांड्स की दुनिया में लोकप्रिय नाम होने के अलावा, कैटरीना कैफ सबसे ज्यादा खोजी जा रहीं, और लोकप्रियता की सूची पर सबसे उपर रहीं स्टार हैं। यह बात, काफी कुछ कहती हैं। कैटरीना कैफ अब अपना खूदका रिटेल वेन्चर शुरू करने की खबर आ रही हैं। कहा जा कहा हैं, की, यह बात फिलहाल गुलदस्ते में रखीं हुई हैं।इससे पहले, विक्टोरिया बेकहम, केट हडसन, मार्क वेलबर्ग, जे-जेड और मैडोना इन हॉलीवूड सितारों ने अपना खूदका ब्रांड शुरू किया हैं। हाल ही में, लंदन में कैटरीना ने की हूई बिजनेस मिटींग की वजह से कैटरीना के रिटेल उद्योग में आने की अटकले लगायी जा रहीं हैं। सूत्रों के अनुसार, अगर सब कुछ योजना के तहत रहा तो, कैटरीना जल्द की अपना रिटेल वेन्चर ब्रांड अनाउन्स करेंगीं। सूत्रों की माने तो, “लंबे अरसे से कैटरीना रिटेल उद्योग में कदम रखने के बारे में  सोच रहीं थी। फिलहाल इस वक्त जादा रिवील नही हुआ हैं। लेकिन कैटरीना के वेन्चर में उसके व्यक्तित्व के अनुसार किसी बडे टाइ-अप के लिए वह इन दिनों बात कर रहीं हैं। इस व्यवसाय में पहले से ही रहें बेहतरीन उद्यम कंपनी से उसकी बात चल रहीं हैं। अपने इस पहले ब्र…

Ajay and Kajol's US Tour Ends on a High

Ajay and Kajol's trip to New York, Dallas, Chicago and San Francisco for promotions of their upcoming production Shivaay has ended on a high.
The actors promoted Shivaay with American press, met some affluent Indian families at gala events set up by the organizers and visited the Google and Facebook HQ too.
While Kajol does visit the US for work commitments and shootings, Ajay visited the country after ten long years and their fans were thrilled to see the couple together. So much so, that Google had to hold a lottery for its employees to attend the talk hosted at their HQ with Ajay and Kajol.
The actors gave it their all by visiting four cities in three days over a hectic schedule and interacting with hundreds of press and thousands of fans. Looks like the Devgn’s are leaving no stone unturned to make the most of their US tour!
As the organizers who bought Shivaay to USA, It was a pleasure working with Ajay Devgn and Kajol. Despite a hectic schedule the stars made it to all the citie…

आरती छाबरिया की शॉर्ट फिल्म 'मुंबई वाराणसी एक्सप्रेस' की विशेष स्क्रीनिंग में पहूँचे राज नायक, कैलाश खेर और नील नितिन मुकेश

सातवे जागरण फिल्म फेस्टिवल में नवोदित निर्माता-निर्देशक आरती छाबरिया को उनके शॉर्ट फिल्म 'मुंबई वाराणसी एक्सप्रेस' की विशेष स्क्रीनिंग में दर्शकों की काफी वाहवाही मिलीं।आरती की पहली निर्देशित यह फिल्म 'मुंबई वाराणसी एक्सप्रेस'अंतर्राष्ट्रीय प्रतियोगिता सेक्शन की ओपनिंग फिल्म थी। फिल्म में अभिनेता दर्शन जरीवाला की मुख्य भूमिका हैं। इस सेक्शन में ३० देशों की एक्शन, कॉमेडी, ड्रामा, रहस्य ऐसे अलग अलग शैली की ४६ शॉर्ट फिल्में दिखायीं जायेंगीं।आरती की इस शॉर्ट फिल्म को देखने के लिए कई नामचिन हस्तियाँ शामिल हुई थी। जिसमें, कलर्स के सीईओ राज नायक, अभिनेता नील नितिन मुकेश और गायक कैलाश खेर भी शामिल थें।फिल्म 'मुंबई वाराणसी एक्सप्रेस' कृष्णकांत झुनझुनवाला (दर्शन जरीवाला) इस नायक के इर्दगिर्द घुमती हैं। १५०० करोड के साम्राज्य का यह नायक कैंसर से पीडित होता हैं। अपने जीवन के अंतिम चरण के दौरान, वह बनारस केमरनेवालों का हॉस्टेल कहलानेवालें ‘मुक्ति धाम’ पहूँच जाता हैं। अपने मौत का इंतजार कर रहें कृष्णकांत को यहाँ जीवन से जुडें कुछ महत्त्वपूर्ण सबक सिखने मिलतें हैं। और जीवन का…

Over 10,000 FREE TICKETS for Global Citizen Festival India distributed; ANOTHER CHANCE to win tickets opens Monday 26 September

Over ten thousand free tickets have been distributed to winners of the Global Citizen Festival India’s first Action Journey ticket draw. Actions ranged from learning more about the Sustainable Development Goals to signing petitions for proper sanitary facilities on Indian highways.The second Action Journey will go live onwww.globalcitizen.inonMonday 26 September. The actions will focus onClean Water and Sanitation issuesthat are considered turnkey in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals: menstrual hygiene, open defection and fecal sludge management. India has the largest number of people without a toilet at home (770 million) and the highest number of people defecating in the open (569 million), even when there are public facilities available, according to a recent WaterAid report. Aamir Khan, an ambassador for Global Citizen India said: “The actions that Global Citizens take on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene issues will not only help to contribute towards ensuring that …

Gear Up For Asia's Largest Bollywood Music Festival


मिलान फ़ैशन वीक के वर्साची में बहु चर्चित नामो में से एक कनिका कपूर

​कनिका कपूर फैशन वर्ल्ड के लिए अंजान नहीं है ​, कनिका का चोको-ब्लॉक शेड्यूल होने के बावजूद हाइ प्रोफाइल शेड्यूल के दौरान कनिका ने मिलान फैशन वीक में शिरकत की।  इस सफल सिंगर को बतौर फ्रंट रो गेस्ट , रोबोर्टो कैवल्ली और फेंडी शो के लिए मिलान फैशन वीक में आमंत्रित किया गया जहाँ वे सेरेना विल्लियम्स संग नजर आयी , सेरेना जो की वर्ल्ड की बेस्ट टेनिस खिलाडी है । कनिका वहा स्पोर्ट्स स्टार और आय- कॉन  "लेंथ और उसके पश्चात मिरोस्लाव ड्यूमा जो की रूस के डिजिटल उद्यमी और फैशन निवेशक से मिली जिनका नाम वर्ल्ड फैशन में सभी को पता है।  ​कनिका कपूर ने अपनी दोस्त सियारा फरंगनी के साथ ​शो एन्जॉय किया। इटालियन ब्लॉगर, फैशन  डिजायनर , मॉडल्स  उनके प्रवक्ता सभी ने कनिका कपूर की तारीफ की क्योंकि कनिका ने विंटेज और कंटेम्पररी का अभूत मिश्रण कर अपना फैशन किया था।

Farhan Akhtar comments on performing at Enchanted Valley Carnival!

The wait is finally over as India’s largest multi genre music and camping festival ‘Enchanted Valley Carnival’ confirms that Farhan Akhtar with his band ‘Farhan Live’ will be performing at the debut Bollywood Stage.  The two-day festival offers a memorable experience with a mix of music, adventure and entertainment at the Enchanted Village. Fans can witness a spectacular performance and listen to his latest hits. With Bollywood on one side, EVC is making it groovy with International techno artists like Carlo Lio, Jeremy Olander and Stephan Bodzin. With such a varied mix of genres, we are certain that a lot more surprises are in store. Farhan Akhtarcommented to say, “I'm excited to perform with my band ‘Farhan Live’ at Enchanted Valley Carnival this December. With Bollywood as part of EVC for the first time, I’m excited to be one of the first ones to unveil it. Looking forward to all the mad…