Monday, May 30, 2016

Baalveer’s tryst with an Egyptian mummy

Excitement levels will be at an all-time high in SAB TV’s Baal Veer, as the plot will thicken and lead to the revelation of some interesting twists.
Manav (Rudra Soni) dreams of a mummy trying to hurt him. In class, when he is interrogated about Egyptians, he answers without hesitating. Meanwhile, Shatir Pari conspires against Baal Veer (Dev Joshi) and gets a mummy back to life, only to realize that Manav was an Egyptian prince in his previous birth and is now seeking vengeance. In an elaborate plan, Shatir Pari gets the mummy to its original look and sends a fake mummy to distract Baal Veer, so that Manav can be kidnapped and killed.
The real mummy manages to kidnap Manav and in the process, hurts Baalsakhi, who then gets hypnotized and helps to plot along with the mummy to kill Baal Veer. Meanwhile, Baal Veer, in a discussion with the paris finds out that the mummy can be killed only during a solar eclipse. Therefore, Baal Veer, with the help of Manav and the paris, chalks out an intricate plan that’ll kill the mummy and save Baalsakhi from his clutches. 
Rudra Soni who plays Manav said,  “The upcoming episodes will be a lot of fun as the audiences realise that Manav was actually an Egyptian prince in his previous birth, who is now in a quest for revenge. There’s going to be lots of action as Manav gets kidnapped by a real mummy and then Baal Veer hatches a plan to come to their rescue and save the day again!”
But, will their plan work? Will Baal Veer and Manav be able to tackle this obstacle and save the day again?
To find out, tune into Baal Veer, from Monday to Friday at 8pm, only on SAB TV.

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