Saturday, March 7, 2015

Upen Patel recently refused to endorse a skin-whitening cream as he feels the fair skin obsession in our country needs to be discouraged

Bollywood actors like Ranbir Kapoor and Randeep Hooda refusing to endorse fairness creams, as they didn’t want to encourage racist stereotypes. And the latest actor to join the list is actor-turned-reality-show-star, Upen Patel. 
Reliable sources confirm that Upen recently refused an offer to endorse a fairness cream brand.A reliable source says, “Upen was recently approached by a skin care brand asking him to endorse a skin-lightening product. But apparently, he turned down the brand.” The source further adds, “He refuses to endorse anything that puts a value or discriminates a person based on his skin colour, taking a stand similar to what Nandita Das had done a few years 
”Confirming the news, Upen says, “This fair skin obsession has to be discouraged. It’s so regressive and problematic to put a value, negative or positive to skin colour. It’s actually the seeds of racism and only promotes low self-esteem. For me, I believe in loving yourself just the way you are. Dusky, dark or wheatish, you are perfect.”
The actor was last seen enacting a negative role in the film I, for which he won several accolades.

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