Imran Abbas contributed Rs.4 lakh to an NGO that helps cancer

Imran Abbas, who is shooting for Muzzafar Ali’s next Jaanisaar, recently pleasantly surprised all by showing his magnanimous side during the film’s shoot.
Recently, on the sets, one of Imran’s friends introduced him to a representative of an NGO that works towards helping cancer patients.
Moved by the organization’s aim and effort, Imran, who’s popularity amongst the masses has significantly been enhanced by his latest TV show ‘Dil-E-Nadan’, offered monetary help to the NGO concerned.
A source says, “His Pakistani TV shows are on air in India and are doing well. As a result, a lot of his people recognize him and, therefore come to see his shoots. Recently, one of Imran’s friends brought a person along with him to the sets. He told the actor about the NGO and that it also helps the cancer patients’ families earn a livelihood if needed.”
Touched by the stories he heard about the NGO, Imran asked the representative to meet him the next day. That’s when he donated money worth Rs. 4 lakh to the NGO.
Confirming the story Imran said, “At that point, all I thought about was saving a life. I did what I felt was right as a human being.”

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