Tuesday, January 27, 2015

French artist commissioned for NH10 prosthetics.

NH10 is essentially a thriller at heart about a young couple who are getting away from the city for a much needed break and how things take an interesting and unexpected turn - It's new age , gritty and looks to break stereotype and will leave you at the edge of your seat.

What makes this thriller, different from the others was the fact that no scene has been over dramatized and is as close to reality as possible and the same applies for the prosthetics used in the film - The prosthetics in the film are almost invisible and as minimal and natural as possible, professionally executed by Romy Angevin, who is an experienced make up designer from Paris, France.

Reveals a unit source, “ Nowhere will you be made to feel that something is more dramatised than what it would actually be in similar situations. Since none of our action is romanticized or loud, it was important that even our prosthetics was not over the top or designed in a way where it emphasizes the impact of the action sequence.”

Says Navdeep Singh, "It's a new-age thriller and the prosthetics helped to break stereotypes. Anushka is a star but in this film we did not want to glamorize her at all. We wanted the scratches, bruises and gashes she sustains to look convincing as its a very real film. That's why a specialist in make-up and design was brought in.Romy's experiences on stage and European films gives the film an world cinema look.“ 

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