Aanchal to kill Rukmani in Tum Aise Hi Rehna?

Drama galore in the popular daily soap Tum Aise Hi Rehna on Sony Entertainment Television as the storyline took a turn towards the recently introduced spooky angle. So far in the show we have witnessed that the mystery girl Aanchal has been troubling Ria with her motive to get close to her lost love Abhimanyu. But currently we see that her target has shifted and now she is harming the entire Maheshwari family. 
In the upcoming episodes we will see that Aanchal’s  plan to get cosy with Abhimanyu  fails when Rukmini comes to meet Abhi late at night and enquires him about the accident. Fuming Aanchal pushes Rukmani from the stairs for spoiling her plan and thus Rukmimi is rushed to the hospital.  Rukmini informs the family members that falling from staircase was not a mere accident but a planned effort as someone pushed her from the stairs. Rukmani’s doubts worry Aanchal, who is looking for a chance to silence her. To overcome this situation, Aanchal uses her evil power to put Rukmini to sleep and tries to remove her drip and kill her.

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