Friday, September 26, 2014

Director Faisal Saif Clarification on Rajanikanth for the movie 'Main Hoon Rajinikanth'

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Hi There..
Regarding the clarifications of my upcoming Hindi feature film 'Main Hoon Rajinikanth' for which superstar Rajinikanth has filed a case and received interim injuction (Stay Order) on the Title, I would like to clarify that my film is not a Biopic on Rajinikanth but it's just a Tribute to the superstar in a light funny way which will not hurt the Superstar Rajinikanth's sentiments or the Fan base. I myself am a craziest Fan of Superstar Rajinikanth and will never ever do such a thing.
The spokesperson to Mr.Rajinikanth quoted that Mrs Latha Rajinikanth came across few Videos circulating on YouTube of my film that had scenes of immoral nature which prompted the superstar to file a case. First of all, My film Main Hoon Rajinikanth is NOT a biopic and no where related to Rajinikanth's life or his accomplished work. It's just the Title that i have kept because in my film the main protoganist is named Rajinikanth Rao and he is a CBI Officer. Second, When the film is not related to the Superstar Rajinikanth, What prompted the very kind hearted actor to approach the court of law without even seeing my film, I really fail to understand. I will not say that even Superstar Rajinikanth has done some Romantic and Erotic scenes earlier in his films and videos from films such as Kandhan Karunai (Bathing scene with Sridevi), Alayudhinam Arbutha Villakkum directed by I.V.Sasi (Sensuous scene with actress JayaBharathi) etc. can be accessed on YouTube. Thirdly, When Central Board Of Film Certification of India (CBFC) has already passed my film Main Hoon Rajinikanth, How can we say the film has scenes of immoral nature? Are we questioning the Government Body here? Such statements coming from the people related to the Superstar who is famous for his generous and down to earth nature, Defamed our film Main Hoon Rajinikanth for which presently we are facing a huge loss and reputation of our film before it is being seen by the people.
The Law Suit (Stay Order) also says specifically that a Notice was sent to us on 15-07-2014 (Which we never received till date). The Notice has a Para No. 7 that says Superstar Rajinikanth's film Kochadaiyaan is a soon to be released animated film and we are trying to en-cash our film in the name of Promotion and marketing. I would like to remind that Kochadaiyaan was already released worldwide on 23-05-2014, And this Notice was prepared two months later and sent to our production house which we never received. On the basis of this Notice, The case was filed.
Superstar Rajinikanth has brought a new right called Personality Rights which is very much commendable and has opened a gate where celebrities can protect their rights. These rights are talked about mostly in West. But doesn't West approves the idea of Spoof and Tributes? In fact, Spoof and Tributes are taken in West in a very healthy way! Scary Movie series, Mafia are the best set example.
I as a Writer and Director deny that i have used any Caricature, Name, Style or Dialogues of Superstar Rajinikanth in my film Main Hoon Rajinikanth. I am ready to show my film to the Superstar Rajinikanth, Madras High Court or anyone who wishes to see my film so that they may come to a right conclusion about my film NOT being based on the Superstar Rajinikanth in any manner. The case filed by the lawyers of Superstar Rajinikanth against my film Main Hoon Rajinikanth is absolutely baseless and it has been done with lack of knowledge and without seeing the content in my film.

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