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Deepika on the cover of Stardust January 2014


Out of the House…On the Stage! Carlyta Mouhini to perform live at Kolkata this New Year’s Eve!

She has Latin-Indian origins, knows Jazz and Indian Classical, sings for rock bands and Bollywood and believes in the musical power of fusion. Singer Carlyta Mouhini & Bigg Boss Bangla contestant to perform live in Kolkata this New Year ’s Eve! Music runs in her blood, literally, after all, Carlyta Mouhini hails from a Latin background. “And the Latin know how to sing and dance!” says the effervescent singer, who despite having Latin origins, also has Indian blood which also explains her affinity towards Bollywood music! And this multitalented singer-cum-musician pulls no stops when it comes to her music — she’s as qualified in jazz as she is in Indian Classical music. In fact, she even sees a connection between the two: “Jazz is like Indian Classical music, once you know the basics; you can use that knowledge in any genre.” She’s been part of two rock bands — “Trishool” and “Shiva” — and has even won accolades for being a female singer in this male-oriented genre of music. And ye…

Kheta Hai Dil... Jee Le Zara- 31 December and 1 January

31st December, Tuesday- DHRUV feels very guilty for hiding the truth from Saanchi. He decides to call her up but then thinks he should first call his father to talk to him about his relationship with Saanchi. But his father is busy and says he’ll talk to him after 15 hours once he is back in India. Prachi’s mother-in-law asks her to mend relations with Saanchi and go to Prabhu Niwas to meet her. Aaji talk to DHRUV and asks him to trust his relationship with Saanchi and everything will be alright. DHRUV musters up the courage to tell the truth to Saanchi about his identity. Just as he reaches Prabhu Niwas, Prachi has revealed to Saanchi and the family that DHRUV is Yashvardhan Goel’s son. Everyone is shocked at this revelation and look at DHRUV for an answer! 1st January, Wednesday - Saanchi is in a state of complete disbelief and shock at the revelation. She questions DHRUV about the same who confirms that he is Yashvardhan Goel’s son. She returns the ring to DHRUV. Prad…

C.I.D- 3 January and 4 january

Dead man alive, 3rd January, Friday -   Salunkhe is about to perform an autopsy on a body of a man. Just as he is about to make an incision, the dead body wakes up! Salunkhe is shocked and falls back. The dead man looks around wildly, attacks Salunkhe and escapes from the forensic lab. The cops are stumped. How can a man who was dead for more than 10 hours come back to life again? They begin a manhunt for this  missing 'dead' man which leads them to more shocking discoveries. They find another man who came back to life after he was buried! How are these things happening. The cops must solve this intriguing mystery. Snake in body  4thJanuary, Saturday -The queen of Peepalgadh province of Rajasthan is killed during an art exhibition in Mumbai. When Dr Salunke is examining her dead body during post mortem, he gets the shock of his life. In the esophagus of the dead Queen, Salunke finds a Dead snake. One of the most dangerous species in the world, found only in Africa…

Adaalat- Naagin 4th January & 5th January , Saturday and Sunday -

We see a death of a geological student . The cause of death being snake bite. She was part of this group who had killed a snake and dug out treasure. The accused is Abha who was with them and had a fight with them as they were insulting her. She is accused of taking the treasure as well. However one by one the rest are getting killed too. So they are scared that it’s the Naagin taking revenge of theNaagin .The snake tries to attack KD toothe court.  What is the truth behind these deaths? How are they getting bitten by snake? is it really the Naagintaking revenge? Has Abha really stolen the treasure?

Bharat Ka Veer Putra ..Maharana Pratap-30th December to 2nd January

Pratap has revealed to his parents that he won’t participate in anymore wars. Jaivantabai reacts on this & tries to insist him but Uday Singh very understandingly handles the situation. Uday Singh plans to personally go to Bhils and convince them to be with Rajputs. On the other hand Bairam Khan senses Uday Singh going to Bhils and asks Rao Surtan to declare a war against Chittor to keep Uday singh and army busy. Pratap learns of Meerabai being in Pushkar and expresses his desire to meet her in front of Jaivantabai to which Jaivantabai resists at first but finally takes him to Meerabai. There Meerabai comprehend Pratap’s situation and asks Jaivantabai to leave him with her. Meerabai asks Pratap to get some bhog for Lord Krishna Pratap leaves in search of it. Uday Singh is all set to go to Bhils and talk them just then Chundawat informs him about Rao Surtans’ war announcement Uday Singh senses something unreasonable there. Pratap walks in village in search of bhog, h…

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New Year Quotes by SET Artist

Navin Batra’s Directorial Debut ‘Supermodel’ makes an entry in IIFA Macau Short Film Library!

After having directed almost a 100 videos and ad films, Navin Batra’s directorial venture in Bollywood turns out to be fruitful for this creative genius. Film Supermodel makes an entry at the IIFA Macau Short Film Library!  Navin Batra has come a long way. He directed almost 100 videos and ad films and been a stylist himself for photo shoots and his movie ‘Super Model; his directorial debut that has already bagged the ‘Best Stylish Fashion Film’ award from the Haut Monde Fashion Institute and holds a nomination in the prestigious India International Content Technical Awards under the category of the Most Stylish Fashion Film and recently was screened at the Fiji Film Festival, the islands where maximum part of the movie was shot & received tremendous appreciation. Real Life of a Super Model, starring Jackie Shroff, Veena Malik, Ashmit Patel, Harsh Chhaya & others, a movie directed by Navin Batra produced by Ravi Ahlawat & Prem Gupta under the banner Maruti Movi…

Kavitta Verma in the lap of Himalayas this New Year!

While all our Bollywood’s glamorous women gear up to celebrate this New Year’s Eve performing at various happening locations in the city & across the globe, we have our B-town’s new found Kavitta Verma celebrating her New Years at Ananda Spa, Uttarakhand! 
Kavitta Verma, who made her Bollywood debut opposite Sanjay Dutt in Policegiri in a special dance number, is amidst nature’s exquisite beauty at the plush areas of Ananda Spa, Uttarakhand! Kavitta Verma has been posting photos of the picturesque Ananda Spa on social networking sites where she is going to spend her New Years & looks as fresh & rejuvenated as ever. 
She writes, “This is Paradise. I needed a get away from the dogmatic life. We work round the clock, I needed this. I feel alive.” She further adds, “A brilliant fusion of nature & soul at the Ananda Resorts. I feel that it’s good sometimes to get to be with yourself & close to nature with pin drop silence & that’s when you can clearly …

Vivek Mishra laughs at Gauhar Khan’s outrage against him!

“Dost Na Sahi…Dushman Hi Bana Liya,” Vivek Mishra laughs at Gauhar Khan’s outrage against him! The naked yoga guru might have been evicted from the Bigg Boss house within a week after his power packed wild card entry, but the Bigg Boss 7 Contestant has managed to be in the news even after his short term stay at the controversial house, blame his straightforwardness & revealing some of the inside gossips! In an earlier interview, Vivek Mishra claimed to have witnessed Kushal & Gauhar to have locked themselves in the bathroom during the former’s stay which both Kushal & Gauhar called Vivek’s claim to fame. This bold & blunt statement made by Vivek Mishra deeply affected Gauhar to an extent that, in one of the interviews post the grand finale she confronted that she holds no grudges for any of the housemates but Vivek Mishra. Least affected by the harsh comments from the Bigg Boss 7 winner, the quirky & witty Vivek exclaims, “I have never come across anyo…

Anil Mishra's - The Gentlemen’s Party!

People from the B - town & politicians came forward to be a part of the Birthday celebration of Shweta & Sunder at a suburban lounge! Shweta & Sunder cut their birthday cake amidst the gracious presence of the politician & builder Harvinder Pal & Timmy Mehta amongst other B-townies. Bigg Boss 7 fame yoga guru Vivek Mishra made a special appearance post his stint in the Bigg Boss house wishing the duo along with Harish, MD of NIFW; Anil Mishra, Mukesh Tyagi. Miss Gujrat; Priya Ramandani brought up the oomph factor at the Gentlemen’s party! These guys sure do know how to party!

Guddi Maruti came to do a cameo in Dheeraj Kumar serial Nadaniyaan for Big Magic

Well known Guddi Maruti came to play a cameo in Dheeraj Kumar new serial Nadaniyan made under his banner Creative Eye for Big Magic channel.She came in the house and had blast while shooting.Dheeraj Kumar told us that every month he invite some artist in his serial to do a cameo .

Aamna Sharif and Amit Kapoor reception pics