Monday, December 30, 2013

Vivek Mishra laughs at Gauhar Khan’s outrage against him!

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“Dost Na Sahi…Dushman Hi Bana Liya,” Vivek Mishra laughs at Gauhar Khan’s outrage against him!
The naked yoga guru might have been evicted from the Bigg Boss house within a week after his power packed wild card entry, but the Bigg Boss 7 Contestant has managed to be in the news even after his short term stay at the controversial house, blame his straightforwardness & revealing some of the inside gossips!
In an earlier interview, Vivek Mishra claimed to have witnessed Kushal & Gauhar to have locked themselves in the bathroom during the former’s stay which both Kushal & Gauhar called Vivek’s claim to fame.
This bold & blunt statement made by Vivek Mishra deeply affected Gauhar to an extent that, in one of the interviews post the grand finale she confronted that she holds no grudges for any of the housemates but Vivek Mishra.
Least affected by the harsh comments from the Bigg Boss 7 winner, the quirky & witty Vivek exclaims, “I have never come across anyone as manipulative as Gauhar Khan. She has applied Saam Daam Dand Bhed to win the Bigg Boss title & look… She won. So it would not be wrong to say that she played a clever game. I did state that from the very beginning & still maintain it. Other housemates were of the same opinion but after her victory, I doubt they would make any statements against her.”
Further talking about Gauhar & Kushal’s PDA on national television, Vivek further makes his usual bold statement, “Isn’t it evident? I believe Gauhar & Kushal were smitten by lust mistaken as love. Now they are out let’s just wait & watch till when does that last for all I care!’ chuckles the yoga guru.
Vivek’s entry changed the dynamics of the show completely throwing light on Kushal- Candy Brar story, talking about Armaan Kohli’s live- in girlfriend that did media rounds for quite some time, “ Come to think of it… a lot changed after my entry. But audiences apparently didn’t find me entertaining & got me evicted. Had I been inside the house for much longer…you have no idea what you were about to witness. I have no qualms about such statements. Dost Na Sahi… Dushman hi Bana liya.”

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