Monday, December 30, 2013

Kavitta Verma in the lap of Himalayas this New Year!

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While all our Bollywood’s glamorous women gear up to celebrate this New Year’s Eve performing at various happening locations in the city & across the globe, we have our B-town’s new found Kavitta Verma celebrating her New Years at Ananda Spa, Uttarakhand! 

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Kavitta Verma, who made her Bollywood debut opposite Sanjay Dutt in Policegiri in a special dance number, is amidst nature’s exquisite beauty at the plush areas of Ananda Spa, Uttarakhand!
Kavitta Verma has been posting photos of the picturesque Ananda Spa on social networking sites where she is going to spend her New Years & looks as fresh & rejuvenated as ever. 

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She writes, “This is Paradise. I needed a get away from the dogmatic life. We work round the clock, I needed this. I feel alive.”
She further adds, “A brilliant fusion of nature & soul at the Ananda Resorts. I feel that it’s good sometimes to get to be with yourself & close to nature with pin drop silence & that’s when you can clearly listen & talk to your inner self.” 

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Enjoying the view of peacock & peahen right outside her window Kavitta signs out, “ Alienation is good to connect with thy self.”

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