Friday, November 29, 2013

Director Shekhar Suman along with his star cast of the film "Heartless"Adhyayan Suman and Ariana Ayam teach the nuances of acting at Mumbai’s mega media fest at Jai Hind college's Detour 2013 .

Displaying 6. Shekhar Suman,  Ariana Ayam and Adhyayan Suman interacting with Students during the Promotions of the film - Heartless at the Jai Hind college's  Mega Fest Detour 2013 -   DSC_4033.JPG
The Heartless team is proud to be associated with Detour this year, a great platform for the youth to showcase their talent. Actor - Director Shekhar Suman along with his star cast Adhyayan Suman and debutante Ariana Ayam graced the event with their presence by judging the young winners and interact with them on their latest film 'Heartless', also sharing some valuable acting tips thereby teaching them the nuances of acting.
Shekhar adds -"The Detour festival organised by Jai Hind college was another exciting experience in the series of visits that I have been doing lately to promote my film Heartless.
It is important that people understand the gist of my film and specially anaesthesia awareness which is an integral part of my film."
The students present in the auditorium loved the promo and responded with a thundering applause.
The students were very attentive and heard everything with wrapped attention and were curious to know what the film was about.
 Displaying 12. Shekhar Suman,  Ariana Ayam and Adhyayan Suman during the Promotions of the film - Heartless at the Jai Hind college's  Mega Fest Detour 2013 -   DSC_3721.JPG
It is always better to interact with your audience on a personal basis so that they can understand the film better.
The director and the cast of any film always need an assurance from their audience and the way everybody responded to Adhyayan and his singing, a brief interaction with Ariana was an indication that they had not only liked what they saw,  but were also very eager to watch the film.
No wonder all of us came back contented and with a huge smile on our faces.
Adhyayan says- 
"About Detour It was soo amazing and heart warming to be at jai hind college the crowd was so loving and enthusiastic. Even though I got to see only 2 plays it was super to see young talented students so confident on stage . I was extremely touched and happy about the fact that the trailer was so well received by everyone. cant wait to come back to perform when the music comes out."
Detour is a Jai Hind Department's Mass Media Festival. Detour is the most sought after festivals in the city where a number of students from across the city participate. This year at Detour, we focus on the importance of brands and brand recall in sales and marketing. Media and advertising play a crucial role in reaching the target market and therefore, companies introduce catchy taglines and brand mascots to help the brand develop a connection with consumers. On the 29th, 30th November and 1st December, these crucial aspects of marketing and advertising unite to create a branding mega fest.

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