Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Gurdas Maan is considered one of the most notable figures in the world of Punjabi music. He was born in Giddarbaha village of Punjab and has recorded over 34 albums and has written over 305 songs, with much success in all his ventures. The iconic singer recently released his brand new album titled “Roti” spreading the message of the importance of Mother Nature and the various gifts it gives us.
Gurdas Maan has often been known for raising Punjabi folk music from a regional level mostly in the Punjab to gain international recognition, similarly in his new album the star artist has tried to achieve a balance between Punjabi folk and modern music. With six decades of success under his belt, Gurdas Maan talks like a simple humble man from Punjab, he shares that there is a thought behind the lyrics of each of the eight tracks in the album. The words are derived from several experiences that the singer has had in his life, experiences that have brought him closure and helped him understand his life.
Once again the superstar had brought forth us an album filled with colour, music, happiness and this time he has added a little bit of magic in the songs. Inspired by life’s most humble and universal rituals, Gurdas Maan, has brilliantly sung the song to showcase the happiness a man can get from the most basic things in life. The songs are titled as Roti, Farman – this song took birth from a shayari he had written long ago, another beautiful song in the album is Pind Di Hawa.
The singer shares that in real like too he loves making Rotis, quoting an incidence from his college time he says, “During college two of my friends used to live with me in my room. Those days too, making rotis was my responsibility.”
The 56 year old superstar with all his good sense of humour and modest nature talks about how all the songs in the album are like his children, each one special in a different way. When asked what motivates him to work so hard, and the secret behind his energy, he gives all the credit to his fans and their prayers for his well being, he is also a spiritual person and believe thoroughly in the universe & god that help him remain positive in life and do all the good work.    

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