Monday, July 29, 2013

Exclusive: Designer Saazish Sidhu alleges Splitsvill​a season 6 contestant Ashwini Koul of cheating on him

Saazish Sidhu
Yes…he used me,” Designer Saazish Sidhu alleges Splitsvilla 6 contestant Ashwini Koul of cheating on him.
Splitsvilla Season 6 Contestant Ashwini Koul confesses to his designer boyfriend Saazish Sidhu.
 Clearly the definition of an open relationship is re defined by the hot news running in the circuit; Designer Saazish Sidhu openly cheated by his live in boyfriend & currently the hot thing in Splitsvilla Season 6; contestant Ashwini Koul.
Disgusted by being openly cheated by his model- new to Mumbai boyfriend Ashwini Koul, designer Saazish Sidhu recalls, “It all ended when I caught him cheating on me with another Delhi based girl & I was taken aback when he replied back with Yes, I am using you, now what? I am shattered & devastated; I bought him a new flat, a new car & asked for nothing. I didn’t deserve this.”
Saazish who has been in the industry for 5 long years creating some of the best designs for ad world & few movies too found true love in this new-in- town Delhi boy Ashwini Koul who apparently never revealed his bisexuality & cheated on the designer with a Delhi based girl friend.
Saazish after returning from his shoot in Mauritius learnt that his live in boyfriend spend long hours over the phone& on confronting Ashwini, he got to know of being cheated on by Koul.
Despite the hurt Saazish sent flight tickets to Ashwini’s girlfriend & got her to Mumbai & to his shock he mentions, “She told me over the phone that she would confront him & end the relationship but to my shock everything went well between them & they left the house I bought for them & after the girl returned back, Ashwini shamelessly returned home begging for things to be back to normal.”
Saazish, who is not over the entire episode & decided to publically bring out the topic mentions, “I cannot even imagine how conveniently he used me to lead a leisure life in Mumbai. I have thrown him out of the house now. Let’s see where fate takes him.”

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