Thursday, June 27, 2013

Khoobsurat Friday Episode

Menka and Lalit comes with so many gifts for Ehsaas , as Ehasaas is very happy to see those things. We find Mr. Sandu is there at Aradhya’s home as he has important talk to do with Aradhya, but Aradhya refuse to talk to him on business matter n asks him to leave from her home, and she scolds him very much. Mr. Sandu doesn’t likes Aradhya’s behavior  but Aradhya forces him to go back. As Ehassas seeing his mother in anger he comes with a glass of cold drink and tries to overcome her anger, finally Aradhhya’s anger melts. as Ehsaas tries to teach her yoga and he says isse gussa control hota hai, as he learn this from his school. Ehsaas succeeded to overcome her mother’s anger as all goes to have snacks on dining table. All family members are discussing about his birthday. and they decide to have a fancy dress competition on his party. As Aradhya decides that she will make him radio jockey as Ehassa refuses, all are surprised what he wants to become, Ehsaas tells them that he wants to become a doctor as Aradhya agrees that surely she will buy him a doctor’s dress with stethoscopes. Aradhya goes out to escort her father n mother suddenly she finds a man talking to a woman in a distance. From behind she finds its Dr. Shekhar, but suddenly man gets inside the car and moves from there, Aradhya surprised that he should be Shekhar after so many years once again she finds a hope to meet him again. As she decides she will find him anywhere soon.

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