Saturday, April 27, 2013

Music director Mithoon records exclusive theme music on piano for film Aashiqui 2

The mesmerising anthem of the year 'TUM HI HO' by Mithoon is not the only addictive factor in the film Aashiqui 2...Apparently Mithoon has also composed an exclusive love theme for the film and it is a part of the OST.It is a piano recital and is said to be on par with legendary themes of epic films like Love Story and Godfather..It is learnt that director Mohit Suri was so touched by this theme that he has used it all through the film as its emotional pulse..Mithoon himself has performed it on a live piano since he is a trained pianist himself and wanted to be a concert performer in his school days..We can surely say that Mithoon is setting new standards in the world of Bollywood film music.

Shamir Tandon’s LG campaign makes waves again

His music has made waves in Welcome to New York, Corporate, Page 3, Piku, Bank Chor, Inkaar, Jail, Bal Ganesh, Mission Istanbuul, Rakht...