Bade Achhe Lagte Hain Synopsis for 22nd April Monday

In today’s episode Ayesha gets Siddharth arrested on the day of their marriage before their pheras would start. After Siddharth is taken by the police, Ayesha tells Ram and Priya that she knows the truth because she has come across a contract and she knows that they’ve been pretending to fight and get her and Siddhath married so that Ram can get everything back. But Ram clarifies that he still has a month as the MD of the Kapoor industries, and anything can happen. Who knows, post this month, Ayesha could be the one saying bye bye to everything. Ayesha challenges and is now against Ram and Priya. She comes back to the mansion as well to stay in the house. But Ram is hopeful and assures Priya that everything will be fine. In this months’ time, everything will be right. He is hopeful and Priya is keeping her fingers crossed.

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