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Vikramjeet Virk emerges as winner in film ‘Casanovva​’ with superstar Mohanlal

John Abraham of south India! Meet Vikramjeet Virk, the dapper ‘casanovva’, who
started with Ashutosh Gowariker’s “Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey” playing a negative
role pitted against Abhishek Bachchan! The tall strapping dude is not pitted against
Malayalam superstar Mohanlal in the biggest action packed blockbuster release this
january - 21st, ‘Casanova’!
A punjabi by birth, Virk, who made a mark in Zee TV's ‘Shobha Somnath Ki’, is
all set to hit the big screen again with a character similar to that of John Abraham
of ‘Dhoom’. He has already emerged as a favourite of stunt director Allan Amin and
has excelled in action scenes shot in Dubai and Bangkok. In ‘Casanova’, he jumped
from the 30th floor in Bangkok’s hi-rise cat towers ing (even though action director
Allan Amin urged him use to a body double) instead plz write " Allan amin was
very confident that vikramjeet can do this stunt without a body double'
Talking about his role and stunts, Vikramjeet Virk says, “Bagging a role in the

Perfectionist Piyush Sahdev to play tough in Shapath

‎Handsome hunk Piyush Sahdev will soon be seen in Life Ok's upcoming show 'Hum ne li hai... Shapath', a story of tough cops against the flawed system with thrilling and contemporary police cases weaved in...
In the show produced by Fireworks, perfectionist Piyush is playing the lead character Abhigyan, the son of a big business tycoon, who chooses to work for his Nation, rather than stay with his father in a luxurious set-up. The show has two more characters - inspector Gautam, played by Hasan Zaidi (Khote Sikke) to be introduced in 6th episode, and Shikha, social worker, played by Madura Nayak (Pyar Ki Ek Kahani). The trio teams up to solve murder mysteries and every murder case goes on for around 3-4 weeks.
In fact, the well toned Piyush recently made headlines with his dare-to-bare act. He loves to show off his body because he is quite crazy about fitness; in love with his gym and works out regularly. He also practices martial arts such as kempo-karate and naan chaku. He …

Amar Upadhyay goes negative on telly, turns cop on silverscreen

PostBig Boss, Amar Upadhyay might be back on the telly with a show on a popularchannel very soon. This time out, it will be negative role. “I heard the story,”the narration was simply amazing,” says Amar who is awaiting to put pen topaper before talking on the same.”
In themeantime, Amar is back on the big screen as a righteous cop. Based on a truestory, the film Alchemy Motion Pictures’  Klub Lodhi Road, directed by Saurabh Kabra, isbased on a true story on the life of these extraordinary men who tookleadership and responsibility of finishing crime in Delhi.
Inspiredfrom true incidents and real people, the film is just not about their braveryand courage; it takes a sneak peek into the departmental politics, the rise andfall of these men and actual working style of special cell.
Amar Upadhyayplays Surya, the youngest team member of special cell, a trained sharp shooterand acts as a catalyst in every encounter.
Sayshe, “The Film has true encounters of gangsters like :Munna Bajrangi, Bunt…

Shudra- Intreview of the director Sanjiv Jaiswal

SanjivJaiswal, the Directorand Producer of Shudra-The Rising had earlier produced Fareb with star cast of ShipaShetty, Manoj Bajpai and Shamita Shetty. Fareb was directed by Deepak Tijori. Hissecond film is raising the age old issue of castism where he has also turned todirection.  
Please tell us about your movie Shudra-The rising. What made youcome up with this concept?
Sanjiv Jaiswal : It is completely based against Casteism.Hindu’s have four divisions - Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaish & Shudra. Inreality Casteism is like poison for any society. Through my film Shudra I want to show and tell peoplewhat happened in the social history of india…. That it is just our past. I wantthem to change their mindset and come up with new vision towards each other forbetter progression of the society and the country. Everybody thinks their castto be more superior as compared to others, which is not correct. Big crusadors likeGeorge Washington, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther, Baba Bhimrao Ambedkar have…


It was a hard time for actor Muzammil Ibrahim during theshoot of his next ‘Will You Marry Me’ when he was caught by the security of amall. A scene in the film required Muzammil to wear lingerie and the scene wasto be shot in a mall. There was no place in the mall where he could change sohe entered the mall wearing the lingerie inside his clothes. Mall security wasunaware of the shoot mater so at the security check things got messed up. Whilechecking security guard started running after Muzammil and to everyone’ssurprise Muzamil also ran away. Producer Krishan Chaudhary and director VipinJain had to intervene into the matter at last to sought things out. They came andinformed the mall security that it was for a shoot and that was how everything settled down.



Fi​lm “Say Yes to Love” performed at “Dance to Tuition’s” Annual Day.

Film “Say Yes to Love” performed at “Dance to Tuition’s”Annual Day. The cast of the Film “Say Yes to Love” i.e. Aasad Mirza and Nazia Hussain gave a Scintillating Performance on the Songs of their Film at the Annual Day of “Dance to Tuition”at Tejpal Hall, Grant Road. The crowd was enjoying the Dance Treat given by the Cast Aasad and Nazia as well as both displayed their great chemistry. The Cast distributed the Audio of the Film to the Students. The Cast was praised at the Event and even received Good-Wishes from everyone presented at the event. Venus Worldwide Entertainment Pvt Ltd. brings the magical romantic musical ‘Say Yes to Love’ Releasing on February 17, 2012
It’s the season of love just before Valentine’s Day 2012! Venus Worldwide Entertainment Pvt Ltd. brings the magical romantic musical ‘Say Yes To Love’, Written and Directed by Mahrukh mirza beg and Produced By Mirza Brothers and Shamim Khan which releases on February 17, 2012.The music of ‘Say Yes To Love’ on Venus Worldwide En…

Romancing in Dilli Ki Sardee is brrrrrrrrr​…

Nobody can vouch for it more vehemently than Payal Rohatagi & Sangram Singh. They were shooting for their forthcoming film ‘Valentine’s Night’ in Delhi. Temperatures in north India have been just dipping low this year. Payal and Sangram were asked to report for the shoot at 4 AM. Early morning it was extremely cold and to top it all the wind was very strong. And to add to their woes, it was a wet sequence. Comments Payal, “It was end of December and temperature was 1 degree. We were shocked when we were told that it was a wet & romantic scene. Sangram wanted it done asap but Payal was shivering so hard that she could not deliver only. So the unit had to break this 20 minutes shoot into four separate slots of 5 minutes each. They would wet her, shoot and then dry and warm her again for the next wet sequence. Sympathises her beau Sangram Singh, “poor girl is from Bombay and not at all comfortable with Delhi’s cold. And this year Delhi was in any case much more colder. Then early…

Thanks to zoOm, this 27th Jan was not a newspaper holiday

If Bollywood is all you want zoOm is all you need. In keeping with this promise, zoOm - India’s No. 1 Bollywood channel, brought out a special print edition, the day after Republic Day, capturing the freshest of B-town news, views, interviews, quizzes, jokes and trivia. This 6 page glossy tabloid titled zoOm Times, was the only paper out on streets of Mumbai this morning.
Avinash Kaul, CEO, zoOm and ET Now, says, “At zoOm, we are constantly innovating to engage with our audiences. This special promotional edition called zoOm Times has allowed to extend the brand in print and bring viewers and our partners closer to Bollywood especially on a day which had no newspapers”. The zoOm franchise has long been extended beyond just television, with leadership in the social media space. With nearly 1.5 million fans on Facebook, more than 5 million video views per week on YouTube, and presence in 27 countries, zoOm is the biggest platform for Bollywood fans across the globe to get closer to their…

I’m too real for Bigg Boss, Survivor is more my style: Abhinav Shukla

It’sa jungle out there, a dog-eat-dog world. And it takes some genuinesurvivor skills to outsmart the predatory tactics of competing teamsand even one’s own team members. For Catan tribe’s AbhinavShukla, surviving great odds and tough situations may not seem like agreat challenge, as he firmly believes in his own instincts and self.
Althoughhis tribe (team) performed miserably at the ‘Rewards Challenge’Abhinav is not one to give up so easily. Being an engineer, andhaving often taken the “long and difficult route” in life, he isno stranger to challenges. “I like living on the edge” he says.In the 22nd Jan episode he proved not just his engineeringskills but also the shrewdness to knock out a possible threat: KaranPatel whom he voted out.
Itwas at raft-making where Abhinav showed his true mettle. With defthands he strung together bamboo sticks and tied efficient knots thatmade the raft truly sea-worthy. And he also broke an internationalrecord while doing so. The best of raft-makers anyw…

Demi quits film after drugs disaster

Actress Demi Moore seems to be in the throes of a breakdown. Demi Moore has cancelled an appearance in the movie "Lovelace," reports gossip site TMZ. Moore was rushed to hospital on Monday night for a substance abuse problem. She is currently receiving professional help at a treatment facility, according to the site. After arriving at the star’s LA home, paramedics assessed her for half an hour, and took her to a local hospital, say law enforcement officials. Moore has been placed in a facility to "seek further professional assistance" to be treated for substance abuse, reports TMZ. "Because of the stresses in her life right now, Demi has chosen to seek professional assistance to treat her exhaustion and improve her overall health. She looks forward to getting well and is grateful for the support of her family and friends," says the actress’s representative.

Race to grab rights of Paiya gets hotter with the Khans, Akshay Kumar now in fray

All three are now at a crucial stage of their illustrious careers in Bollywood. Two have already tried and tested the formula of remaking super hit action movies from the south. One, now known more for his out-and-out comedy flicks, is looking for something different. And the one film that seems to have grabbed the close attention of the three megastars – Aamir Khan, Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar - is the Tamil super hit film, Paiyaa, whose rights are now up for grabs. 
While both Aamir and Salman have shown Bollywood how well made south Indian remakes can rake in fortunes, their films like Ghajini, Bodyguard and Wanted have mostly been heavily action-oriented. Akshay Kumar, who is set to star in Donu Seenu, Ravi Teja’s mass masala Telugu movie remake, has not really tested this formula of success so far. 
Paiya, which is a romantic movie, could go a long way in infusing a refreshing change in the careers of the three super stars. For the Khans, it could prove to be a break from hard-hit…

Film VALENTINE’​S NIGHT Releasing all over on 10 February

The  movie   chronicles   the   life   of   four   couples   breaking   up   on   Valentine’s   Day in   NewDelhi.   The    broken   hearts   meet   on   social
networking sites and decide to leavetheir pain of separation behind. They move out to enjoy the ‘Valentine’s Night’.The
story revolves around the NIGHT of Valentine's day, when all the fourcouples meet. There is loyalty test, there are mistakes
 committedand what happens thereon is quite an adventure. Each gets the love of their lifebut not before a murder is
committed…. Everybody is under the scanner but whohas done it? From Romance to thrill, ‘Valentine’s Night’ travels the completejourney.
Presentedby : Kirshnam Mediatech Private Ltd.
Producedby : Kirshan Kumar &  Sanjeev Malhotra
Directedby : Kirshan & Badal
Storyand dialogues :Kumar Badal
Cinematographer: Premanand Bhagirath 
Editor:Manoj Mishra
Music on :T Series
Music By :Astitva ‘The Band’
Lyrics: Tehseen Munnavar & Astitva‘The band’
Genre :Romantic Thriller


Controversial  Actor RAJA CHAUDHARY And Lesbian Queen/ Item Dancer YASMEEN KHAN, Together Performing In The Music Video Album “ AAKHIR TUMHE AANA HAI”  its an remake of the song from the legendry Movie “YALGAR”
Shoot For The Song Is Already Completed In Goa, And All Set To Go On Screen Very Soon,  Music By: SAMEER & AMAY, And the Flavour of the
Voice Given By The Singer: RUNJHOON, Cinematographer/Direction: SHAAN BANERJEE ( The Most Famous Fashion PhotoGrapher ), Its An Production of:  Yasmeen Khan And Shaan PhotoGraphy Production.
 When Contacted, Raja Chaudhary Said: He is really excited about this music video and is doing this video along with Yasmeen Khan and my
very close friend Director/Photographer: Shaan Banerjee,  The actor also said that he dropped out from “Kahani Chandrakanta Ki” due to some issues that turned up and he had to quit from the show.
On Other Side Yasmeen Said: Yes we are working together with Shaan Banerjee and its an great pleasure to work with shaan banerjee…

Gali Gali Chor Hai Premier at Ralegaon Siddhi with Anna Hazare and 2000 villagers

Producer Nitin Manmohan along with Director Rumy Jafry and StarCast Akshaye Khanna, Shriya Saran, Mugdha Godse and Anu Kapoor showcased theirUpcoming film "Gali Gali Chor Hai" releasing on 3rd Feb 2012 to AnnaHazare along with his 2000 villagers at his village Ralegaon Siddhi.
The film was screened specially for Anna Hazare and hisvillagers. The film was shown on an Specially Created LED wall screen in anopen auditorium.
Anna greeted and welcomed the Star Cast of the film andpraised them for their effort.
Though being unwell, he watched the whole film and afterwatching the film, he said, he loved the film and every one in India shouldwatch this film. It supports my message and movement. Every youth, every child,all age people in India should watch this film as it motivates the depth ofbeing a common man and it motivates every Indiviual to be a good citizen andhave a corrupt free country. This Republic season every Indian should becorrupt free from within first and then work tow…

War Horse bags Six Oscar Nomination​s

Oscar Winning director, Steven Spielberg is back again with an emotional epic on a classic scale in DreamWorks & Reliance Entertainment’s War Horse which will release in India on 10th February. When the nominations for the 84th AnnualAcademy Awards were announced on Tuesday, War Horse bagged six nominations. Oscar Nomination for the Best Picture - Steven Spielberg & Kathleen Kennedy, Cinematography- Janusz Kaminski, Art Direction- Rick Carter (Production design) and Lee Sandales (Set Decoration), Music - Original Score - John Williams, Sound Editing- Richard Hymns and Gary Rydstrom, Sound Mixing-  Gary Rydstrom, Andy Nelson, Tom Johnson and Stuart Wilson. After releasing in the US on 25th December to extremely good reviews from critics and audience alike, the film opened in the UK on 13th January. The film even won the Best Cinematography Award at the recently concluded 17th Critics Choice Awards. War Horse, a story of friendship and war, first became a well-loved family book, t…

Sony Music acquires the music of the much awaited romantic comedy LONDON, PARIS, NEW YORK

Withtwo multi talented actors, fresh music and a great romcom story, London, Paris,New York is definitely a movie all Bollywood fans are waiting for. The movie features the multi-talentedAli Zafar as not only an actor but also a composer, singer as well as alyricist for all the 7 songs in the album! That’s not all; the album will alsohave the beautiful Aditi Rao Hydari lending her voice to Voh Dekhane Mein.  Thealbum digitally will be available on 30th Jan and physical releasewill be around the 1st week of Feb across key retail outlets.
The film follows Ali and Aditi’s personaljourney and their love story as they meet in London, flirt in Paris and fall inlove in New York for a night, each over eight years ! The songs of the movieblend strongly with the theme of the scene/ and location. 
Sanujeet Bhujabal, Marketing Director SonyMusic India said, “We are proud to be associated with Fox Star Studios onthe London, Paris, New York project. This Gen-Next movie comes with a varietyof songs w…

20th January,20​12 marked the music launch of Kumar Taurani’s Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya

The hall was electric as musical duo Sachin-Jigar belted out tracks from Tips Industries Ltd’s latest offering Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya which saw its music launch  on the 20th January,2012.
Starring Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia D’Souza ,Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya marks the directorial debut of Mandeep Kumar and also marks the reunion of the lead pair after a gap of 7years on the big screen.In one of his jovial moods said Riteish on the occasion “In a way Tere Naal marks my 7 year itch with Genelia..We go back a long way and made our debuts together and have now grown as actors.This is also my first film with Tips and its great to be associated with such industry stalwarts”
Talking about the film said lead actress Genelia “The film is a roller coaster adventure…a small town love story that audiences will relate to”.Added producer Kumar Taurani “The film was smooth sailing since the word go”
With music by Sachin-Jigar (of Faltu fame) ,the album of Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya is an interesting mix of …

Kolaveri Di is now ‘Raanjhnaa​’!

B-town’s latest news is that Tanu Weds Manu director Aanand L Rai has signed Tamil actor Dhanush for his upcoming film Raanjhnaa. The director has been quoted saying that, “For the past six months, I’ve been looking for a simple boy to play the lead in Raanjhnaa. My requirement was a man who could look vulnerable on screen. When I saw Dhanush in the Tamil film Aadukalam (for which he won the National award), I liked him immediately. He looks very ordinary and honest, and that was the demand of the character.”
Apparently Dhanush is not well versed with Hindi, but this won’t pose as a barrier for him working in Bollywood! The actor/singer is keen to explore this part of the industry and learn the local language and culture.
When quizzed about the movie, the director adds, “The film is an intense love story. Just like my film Tanu Weds Manu, the film and its characters will take you to Delhi, Punjab, Chennai, etc.”
Dhanush too is very excited about the project. News is that the director h…

Agent Vinod - Teaser Poster


To celebrate 26th January Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma goes to Kutch A 26TH JANUARY SPECIAL

Tarak mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma team has goneto Kutch to celebrate 26th January. “It was a fun trip”, comments DilipJoshi. The entire bunch of episodes are very very special. From shooting in thetrain in the special coach provided by Gujarat Government and Tourismdepartment to getting the permission to shoot inside the temple of Ashapura Maata, it has so many specialmoments. According to Disha Wakhani, “this temple is more the 15000 years oldand nobody has even been allowed to take apicture inside the premises. We were so very lucky to get the special permissionand even shoot part of the show inside the temple.”
But the most beautiful experience that theteam had was hoisting the flag with the Jawans of BSF & villagers withwhite sand all around. Comments the producer Asit Kumar Modi, “White Runn ofKutch is nothing but salt grounds all over. It was extremely cold there but theentire team was at location early in the morning at 5 AM. BSF Jawans were so happy because most ofthem watch ou…

Chennai Rhinos vs Kerela Strikers in Hydrabad 21-1-2012

Actor Vishal led Chennai Rhinos proved second time lucky at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Hyderabad. The CCL-I winners who had lost there first game to Mumbai Heroes snatched a thrilling victory against Mohanlal led Kerala Strikers. In a low scoring game Chennai rhinos put up a score of 115 runs and in return kerala strikers could only manage 113 runs. The stadium was packed to capacity and saw a huge turnout of stars from various film industries. The maximum cheers were saved for superstar Mohanlal and the stadium reverberated with deafening sound the moment he took to the ground. Both the teams put up some brilliant performances and as usual the glam quotient was high in both the team dugouts with actresses like amla paul, sonia agarwal, bhavana , madhushalini and many more cheering for their favourites. Lissy priyadarshan was seen along with her husband Director priyadarshan through the match supporting her. The match saw some super kodak moments with expressions that r…

"Jodi Breakers" Music Launch Images