Friday, September 28, 2012

Dil Se Indian Biba Singh in the city to launch her 3rd Single ‘Nachne De Chaa’

Surprisingly a fantastic singer for a Doctor to be, US based multifaceted artiste Biba Singh to launch her single ‘Nachne De Chaa’ shot in the soils of Punjab, India.
Music & Medicine being her life, Biba Singh born & brought up in US is proud daughter because her parents brought her up as Indian Parents & kept her connected to Indian Culture in every way they could.
Doctor by profession in New York City, She commenced singing since 7 years of age & sang Shabads in the Gurudwara & over the years the encouragement, love & motivation of her Teachers & her parents kept her going & Now she returns to the Indian soil to launch her new album.
Standing tall in the Indian Pop Music Industry, she gives credit to her childhood friends Daler Mehendi, Nikki Mehendi, Mika Singh Pinky & Jatinder Paras, Vijay Wadhwa, and Savita Ahuja who have motivated & guided her in every step of her music career while she pursued medical education in the US.
She could not have had a better kick start to her career when the legendary King of Disco Bappi Da Launched her first Album ‘Biba for You’.
Biba Singh, versatile singer that she is has a penchant for Rustic, Folksy but peppy Punjabi Tunes bringing back the Punjabi Tradition by blending Punjabi tunes with rock & pop melodies for today’s youth.
Biba overwhelmed with the way things in India are taking shape for her she exclaims, “I am here to stir the hearts & souls of my people. I am confident because I have the best people in the industry standing by my side. I am Pretty much satisfied with the recording & shooting of the song & I am hoping my audiences will appreciate my work.”
Dr. Biba Singh, as we would address her, loves her profession & confesses that it has helped her become a better human being. To release her next chartbuster single has always been on her mind & she has put her heart & soul.
She has come all the way, Saat Samundar Paar, she surely deserves all the blessings & good luck.

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