Friday, August 31, 2012

Akshay Kumar Promoting ‘From Sydney with Love’ Instead of His OwnFilm ‘Joker’ Releasing the Same Day

One wouldhave expected Akshay Kumar going all out to promote his new venture ‘Joker’,which has been directed by Shirish Kunder and co produced by Kumar and FarahKhan. But the actor has been avoiding the films promotions instead Akki isbeing seen promoting Prateik Chakravorty’s film ‘From Sydney with Love’.
Due to the shockingfallout between Akshay and Shirish Kundar, the actor is now seen asking theaudience to watch ‘From Sydney With Love’ instead of his own film ‘Joker’ releasingthe very same day.
Surprisingly,television channels these days are running promos of Akshay promoting thelegendary Pramod Chakaravorty’s Grandson’s film releasing the same day as ‘Joker’.Interestingly, Akshay has worked in the film ‘Deedar’ made under the banner of Pramod films. Now, PrateikChakravorty is all set to release his film ‘From Sydney With Love’ under thesame banner.

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