Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Gokuldham society’s female memberto celebrate Rakhi in a very unique style

Whenever Taarak mehta show does something it always does it in avery different way. We know that all sisters tie Rakhi on their brothers wrist,but Taarak Mehta’s Gokuldham ladies are going to tie Rakhi to Mumbai LocalTrains, Fire brigade, Traffic police men, basically to all public services andtransport. After all they are the one who gives us security in real way. And Rakhi is a symbol of promisethat a brother will always take care of his sister, a promise of her security.
“Really! I love this concept because no one has ever thoughtabout this before, as they all are very important for us, actually they always helpsus in our real life, like local train helps all mumbaikars to reach on theirdestination on time, police men helps clearing the traffic jam on road, and evenfire brigade helps everyone the one in trouble. I hope they always help us theway they have for so many years.” Says Disha Vakhani

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