Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Kinners Vishwa Shanti Yagya

For the first time in the world, Kinner Samaj to conduct `World Peace Yagnya’ (at Shahad, 50 kms away from Mumbai on Central Railway) for the Welfare of Humanity and Individual Upliftment.

The yagnya shall be conducted under the aegis of Manavta Dharma, an NGO being launched officially on this occasion. The NGO’s social activity canvas is wide –working for the upliftment of the hitherto oppressed sections. As such Manavta Dharma took major initiatives to mobilize the kinners for the first time bringing them back into the mainstream of the society. The first step taken by Manavta Dharma is to educate the kinners Vedic Mantras, Yogic Kriyas, Rituals like Yagnya, etc. Now the time is come when the world has to witness the power of wisdom, the kinners have, and the status they deserve in the society, in contrast to what they’re perceived to be – because the kinners will actually chant the Yagnya Mantras, put the `ahutis’ by themselves. Subsequently, many such Yagnyas will be performed on national and international level.

Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Premika Bakas, President Manavta Dharma quotes, `We are thankful to Chetana Trust (engaged in nature oriented education training programmes) who gave us such a big platform and taught us the Yogic Kriyas, Vedic Mantras & Rituals. Today we’re capable of chanting the Mantras and perform such Yagnya for the Welfare of Mankind.’Ms. Neeta Kene, President, Kinner Asmita Trust & Humsafar Federation -working for kinner welfare adds Kinner exist since life began… they are across the world … inspired by Chetana’s concept of ‘Hind Rashtra’ OF One world, One family, One Religion - Humanity, we became a part of this yagnya for good of mankind.Vice President of Kinner Asmita Trust, Ms. Mujra said,` Chetana Trust has enabled us to realize our potential – to reclaim our status in the society as scholars, artists, administrators, polititcians, social workers etc. There has been a visibile shift in the thinking of the members of kinner samaj – who are now positive about pursuing careers in every possible field.’ Sanjay Wadnerkar, President of Chetna Trust, also working as a National Creative Director in Advertising quotes on this occasion, ` we are trying our best to bring kinners into the mainstream of society. They should be treated as integral part of society. We are trying our best to educate them in every possible way in every possible field. And this is just the beginning. The world will see a big revolution in growth of kinners.’ Further he quotes, ` Besides other projects, I am personally working very closely with the kinners, in association with Manavta Dharam towards upliftment of kinners.

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