Saturday, May 26, 2012

Madagascar-3: Europe’s Most Wanted is here!

The 3rd part of the belovedfranchise releases in 3D on 8th June 2012!

After the worldwidesuccess of “Madagascar” and “Madagascar-Escape to Africa” Paramount Pictures and Viacom18 Motion Pictures are all set to treat their movie audiences with the third installment of thebillion-dollar franchise, “Madagascar-3: Europe’s Most Wanted”!

Leaving Africa behind, the animals have taken a detourand surfaced, quite literally, in Europe — on a hunt for the penguins andchimps who have managed to break the bank of a Monte Carlo casino. Theirjourney took the Zoosters from New York, to the eponymous island of Madagascar,then to the wilds of Africa. In the latest installment, the adventure unfoldsall across Europe, which naturally calls for a grander scale visually and instorytelling!!!
Keenly anticipated by the animation lovers, this filmpromises never-seen-before humor and a fun ride all the way in 3D. The castspeaks on the 3rd part of the franchise.
“The thing that I love about all the ‘Madagascar’ moviesis that they’re fun but they also have a lot of heart. They always deal withreally simple, central issues: relationships and how one relates to oneself andto the world, which is relatable across the board, whether you’re an adult or achild.” said lead actor Jada PinkettSmith.
Ben Stiller agreed to what Jada Pinkett Smith saidand further adds, “People like the friendships andthe relationships that the characters have and that they are always there foreach other. There’s innocence about these characters, where they go throughlife without quite knowing how to deal with the real world. They’re in theprocess of learning — and they are doing it together. That’s a big part ofit. And of course, the animation is great — it has that sort of retro Tex Avery vibe.It just feels very distinctive.”
The filmmakers had decided to take the characters to newplaces - literallyand figuratively which they have continued with Madagascar-3 & what’s morefor the first time, a “Madagascar” chapter is filmed in 3D. 
Catch one ofthe most anticipated films of this year as Madagascar-3 opens across alltheaters on 8th June 2012!

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