Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rozlyn Khanstrips for breast cancer awareness!

Move over Poonam Pandey, Sherlyn Chopra, Sunny Leone andstarlet Veena Malik! Actress Rozlyn Khan is here! 
While Poonam, Sunny, Veena and Sherlyn strip mostly to titillate,the new glam sensation Rozlyn has gone topless this week; all for a cause.Spreading awareness for the early detection and cure of a serious malady likebreast cancer, Rozlyn has proved that she can beat the exposure girls by beinga woman of substance.
 "There are so many women who die just because they areunaware of the symptoms of the dreaded disease. Through my campaign to spreadawareness about breast cancer, I want to inform and educate all to be cautiousand careful," says Rozlyn, almost giving a new meaning to nudity.
 "Early detection of breast cancer increases the chancesof saving lives and that’s what I intend to achieve from this campaign. Even ifI manage to spread the word to a few thousand, I'd be more than contended withit," she adds with a glint in her eyes.
 To mount the awareness campaign on a large scale, the buddingactress would be joining hands with a cancer association to promote the causeand will announce more details next week. 
We like it girl. At least, there is someone who strips for anoble cause and not just to satisfy ogling Twitterati!

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