Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Musiciansincreasingly seek permission to combat copyright issues

Bollywoodmusic, in all its originality, has always managed to capture hearts across theworld. Bollywood and Indian musicians are now looking for influences from avariety of sources in order to appeal to larger audiences. It is thereforebecoming imperative to establish a framework and process to seek permissionsfrom music labels or publishers to license tunes, songs and visuals. Sony Music Entertainment India through the Publishing venture Sony ATVhas been an active participant in spreading the message of legal copyrightusage. With copyright infringement issues surging across the country, musiciansare now making a conscious effort to channel their creativity more carefullyand seeking permission wherever required.  
SonyATV’s core focus and business is to manage and monetize musical works acrossborders. Licensing rights for synchronization is a major part of the businessstrategy. Sony ATV globally represents over 2 Million songs and some of thegreatest artistes and works.  
Bollywoodmusicians are now increasingly looking for popular musical inspirations topresent their works and approaching the music label / publishers for permissionfor the same. Until recently most musicians and Bollywood producers did notknow whom to approach or felt that the process is tedious and cumbersome. SonyMusic/ ATV has a dedicated team based in Mumbai with access to global systemswhere permissions can be turned around very swiftly.  
Recently,Agent Vinod’s ‘I’ll do the talking’ has been creating ripples foradding Boney M’s evergreen melody Rasputin to the song.The Producers Eros International Ltd. approached Sony ATV to take permissionfor the song which has today become a huge hit with the audiences. In a similarlight, Ra.One song Dildara  obtained the license from Sony ATV touse Ben E King’s Stand By Me from Sony ATV. Both theseinternational melodies, have been licensed out to the respective musicians,producers and labels for specific usage.   
SaysVinit Thakker, Head Sony ATV says “The publishing industry isfinally picking up its pace in India. As Producers & composerscontinuously turn to us to license out some of our best works, it is hearteningto see that people are taking care to follow copyright rules. Considering thatwe now have licensed evergreen melodies to 2 of the biggest hits of the year,we see great potential in licensing publishing works and hope that the industryevolves and users realize that there is an easy way to do this legally..”
SonyATV India also ensures corrective as well as punitive action against thoseusing its music without necessary license through collaborative efforts withlocal law-keeping authorities.

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