Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bhatts bet on Kunal Khemu as the new face of Bhatt Camp !

Bhatts have decided to have more than one Emraan Hashmi in their camp. Emraan Hashmi has started working on many outside films and not giving enough time to in house fims. Leaving Bhatts no choice but to place their bets on Kunal Khemu.  
Emraan Hashmi for the longest time was only working exclusively with Bhatts. Now he has started working with all, leaving them less and less time to do films with him.  
Now Bhatts have decided to put their bet on Kunal Khemu. They are re launching Kunal Khemu in Blood Money, they are not only gung ho about the boy, his acting and that he always had the potential.   
Bhatts have known to pick up the most unlikely choice, see their potential and convert that into a mega hit.  
More over Kunal Khemu’s character in Bloody Money is quenessentially Bhatt's hero. Kunal Khemu has also put his entire faith on the Bhatt brothers and is not at all questioning any motive or any action.
Mahesh Bhatt strongly feels that Kunal, who stars in Bloody Money, has the potential to be an extraordinary actor. But due to some reasons he has not done the the right kind of films in his career. And, the film maker has extended his entire support for the actor. 
At the same time, Mahesh has no hard feeling for Emraan as he is unable to give dates. Well now it’s time to see if Kunal will encash on this opportunity.

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