Thursday, January 26, 2012

I’m too real for Bigg Boss, Survivor is more my style: Abhinav Shukla

It’sa jungle out there, a dog-eat-dog world. And it takes some genuinesurvivor skills to outsmart the predatory tactics of competing teamsand even one’s own team members. For Catan tribe’s AbhinavShukla, surviving great odds and tough situations may not seem like agreat challenge, as he firmly believes in his own instincts and self.
Althoughhis tribe (team) performed miserably at the ‘Rewards Challenge’Abhinav is not one to give up so easily. Being an engineer, andhaving often taken the “long and difficult route” in life, he isno stranger to challenges. “I like living on the edge” he says.In the 22nd Jan episode he proved not just his engineeringskills but also the shrewdness to knock out a possible threat: KaranPatel whom he voted out.

Itwas at raft-making where Abhinav showed his true mettle. With defthands he strung together bamboo sticks and tied efficient knots thatmade the raft truly sea-worthy. And he also broke an internationalrecord while doing so. The best of raft-makers anywhere in the worldrequire a minimum of 3 hours for the task, whereas Abhinav did it in2 hours flat!
 Amazedtribe mates asked him where he picked up the skills. “It’s simpleand basic engineering principles” Abhinav said. Well, hisraft-making skills and the ability to light a fire without amatchstick or lighter may get him past obstacles and dangers in aforest. But will he be able to survive the wily ways of team-matesand the challenges that lie ahead? More pointedly, we asked him if hewould survive a show like Bigg Boss. He laughs and say
 “Mighthave to think twice as I’m too real for thatkind of reality show. A few episodes of Bigg Boss and I’d go for atoss ! In the jungle, I can kill and eat a poisonous snake tosurvive. But on Bigg Boss I’d be chewed alive by those man-eaters.Grrrrrowwwl!” So Abhinav can joke too!
Weprobe further “Would you refuse if the Bigg Boss people inviteyou?”
 “Well,to be frank I like natural beauty. Not artificial. I never makefriends easily. And when I do, I’m faithful, for life. So you see Iam certainly NOT the kind of person people want to see on BiggBoss. Besides, dirty politics is not my cup of tea. I follow asimple funda in life. Jahaanbaaton say baat nahin bantee, vahaan laaton say baat karoonga.So I amafraid I might get physical too. (laughs)
  Wehave to agree with Abhinav’s friends who also like his honesty anddirectness.
 Thepromising young actor has already shown his acting prowess in EkHazaaron Mein Meri Behnaa Hai and Geet. He is lately looking for abigger break. His brooding intensity does indicate serious talent andpotential as an actor but that is something only time will reveal.For the time being, he is happy countering challenges on SI. He wouldalso love to be on shows like Fear Factor and Khatron Kay Khiladiwhere he just might go on to prove he’s India’s answer to BearGrylls.

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