When Akshaye Khanna played A Part Time Hanuman in Gali Gali Chor Hai

 I had never seen aRamlila being performed live, and neither have I been on stage as an actor - Akshaye Khanna
For Akshaye Khanna, the fun part ofshooting Gali Gali Chor Hai was playing Hanuman in a Ramlila sequence, thedramatic folk re-enactment of the life of Ram and his war with Ravan. “Stagingthe Ramlila is a small-town tradition in North India where the play is stagedannually over 10 successive nights. I had never seen a Ramlila being performedlive, and neither have I been on stage as an actor. So it was great fun for meto slip into the costume, get a monkey face, wear a mukut (crown) and a tail,say my lines in the most dramatic way possible, and have the audience clappingand cheering,” says Akshaye.
 Elaborating about his part in the filmAkshaye says that he plays a cashier whose hobby is acting, the reason he ispart of the Ramlila.
“My character worked very hard forseveral years to land the part of Hanuman as Ramlila is a very big event, andit’s very prestigious for an actor living in small towns to bag a part in it.My playing Hanuman is the sub-plot in the film,” he adds.
The Ramlila sequence in the film wasshot over four days at the famous Iqbal Maidan in Bhopal and the locals werecalled in to be part of the crowd. GGHC is directed by Rumy Jafferi and alsostars Mugdha Godse and Shriya Saran. It releases on February 3 2012.

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