Thursday, December 29, 2011

T-series combines 2010-11 superhitsin single foot-tapping ‘New Year Mash-Up’

As farsetting trends in Bollywood music is concerned, trust the entertainment leaders,T-series to introduce something innovative into the music scene time and again.In fact, it is this constant re-invention, exploring new frontiers andintroducing new concepts - with a perfect timing - that has been the company’shallmark. And their latest musical concept,Zero Hour Mash Up only drives home this point further. Introduced for thefirst time in Bollywood music, the ultimate dance track track is already a rageon You Tube, drawing elated comments from Netizens.
Conjured upby the redoubtable DJ Kiran Kamath, the track, comprising some of the biggestchartbusters from this year - and a couple from 2010 too – this is one mash upthat every dance enthusiast will love to have on his or her plate during theNew Year eve celebrations as it offers more than just foot-tapping fare.
The songscombined include some of the most popular songs from films like Ra-One, Mausam,Dum Maro Dum, Yamla Pagla Deewana. Some numbers from last year’s Bhool Bhulaiyyaand Dabbang have also been thrown in to add even more punch to the track. Ofcourse, T-series is hardly surprised by the overwhelming online response to theMash Up.
“This is thefirst time that music lovers in India have been introduced to the concept of aMash Up. We had been working on this idea for some time. But we had to do a lotof thinking as far as selection of songs was concerned. We wanted it to be fullof energy and a perfect dance track with a lot of rhythm and a fast tempo. Andthe overwhelming response on the Internet shows that listeners love it,” saysNeeraj Kalyan, President, Super Cassettes.
“We wantedto release it during end of the year, to add to the party mood,” he added witha smile. The track will soon be available for online downloads and for mobiles.The CDs of the Mash Up, Neeraj said, will be released on New Year’s Eve. Forthe uninitiated, a Mash Up is a completely new track or a composition createdby fusing two or more original songs. A highly creative process, this isnormally achieved by overlaying the vocal track of one song perfectly and smoothlyover the instrumental track of another, thus creating a new and unique musicalexperience. Although the concept has been popular in the West for quite somenow, it was apparently left to T-series to bring it to our desi shores! Thisyear with the ultimate New Year Mash Up, you cqan keep dancing all night!

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