Thursday, November 24, 2011

Vidya's 'Dirty Picture' dream comes true!

Now before you jump to conclusions, let’s get this one straight! On the recent episode of Live My Life on UTV STARS, yet another fan got the chance to step into his favorite actor’s shoes. And the actor in question here is none other the sultry and sexy (if we might add) Viday Balan! Her super fan Aman, got a chance to meet Bhairavi Raichura (Vidya’s co-star in Hum Paanch) as part of his star itinerary. Bhairavi spilled the beans on some best kept secrets. She told Aman that while shooting for Hum Paanch, the two of them (Vidya and Bhairavi) would always imagine themselves enacting sleazy roles (much like ‘Dirty Picture’) and make suggestive gestures and faces. They would even mouth dialogues that apparently couldn’t be revealed on National Television. Wonder if the poor lad got intimidated listening to all this. Whether or not he got intimidated, we don’t know….but Vidya’s dream of playing the role of a sexy siren has indeed come true. Are we happy or what?!

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