Friday, November 18, 2011


Excel Entertainment has notinfringed any copyright leave alone that of Don, starring Amitabh Bachchan byproducing Don 2. Further, Excel Entertainment is the bona-fide author and owner of copyright ofthe Films “Don – The Chase Begins Again” (i.e. Don 1), which has been confirmedby Nariman Films in writing. Excel is also the owner of the copyrights of Don2. In 2005, Nariman Films has given rights to Excel Entertainment, inperpetuity, for making “Don – The Chase Begins Again”. Don 2 is a sequel of“Don – The Chase Begins Again” alongwith the ownership to the underlying worktherein. The entire story and dialogue of Don – 2 has been prepared by Farhanand the other team members of Excel Entertainment. The title of Don 2 has beenapproved by AMPTPP in favour of Excel Entertainment. Excel Entertainment statesthat there has been no undue influence on persons of Nariman Films. NarimanFilms, with their malafide intention and to extort unjustified and unearnedmonies from Excel Entertainment, have given the legal notice, which is baselessand devoid of merits. Excel Entertainment is suitably replying to the legalnotice sent by the Advocates of Nariman Films. Excel Entertainment shall defendthemselves and shall not permit Nariman Films to hamper the release of Don-2under any circumstances whatsoever. The fact of Excel Entertainment making Don2 has been in the public domain since 2009. It seems that it has now become apractice to give notices just before release of a film to extract monies. We atExcel Entertainment have done nothing wrong and shall stick to the correctlegal and moral principals and defend what is right.

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