Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Designer Amy Billimoria's Pre Diwali terrace party

Amy billimoria had a crackling pre diwali celeb party with her closest friends at the terraces ,the under stars party was a crackling affair with fire crackers bursting in air and the view was spectacular
Amy Billimoria looked like an angel in an outfit self designed ,she was ecstatic about her birthday ,she celebrated the party with her really close friends aryan vaid walked in first with ravi behl ,madhusudan and viren shah apparently walked in together and shared the evening together . Dilshad patel danced to the core along with carlyta mohini who sang and danced to the evening and livened up the evening along with imam siddique ,Carlyta indeed lifted up spirits of the party Amy billimoria danced to the core. Anjali pandey and madhuri pandey both the sisters looked pretty together and came to wish amy billimoria. There was firework and crackers and dance on this pre diwali bash ,it was a perfect celebration time ,and Amy seemed extremely happy her outfit looked as gorgeous as her ,the birthday cake was a designer one too ..the whole party atmosphere was as rocking as the diwali celebration. In attendance were aaliya khan and riddhi who looked traditional as diwali celebration was on.Others in attendance were Bob brhambhatt,alex,rakesh paul

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